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Service Repair Form

Service Repair Form for items that will be shipped in

This form is not necessary if you drop off the item(s) in person at our shop.

For items that will be shipped in please fill in all fields of the form below.

After receiving a repair request form, we will contact you to discuss charges and terms.

If the parts and labor exceed preapproved amount, we will call you with an estimate. If you are given an estimate, your decision must be made within 5 days. A fee will be charged on each piece of equipment when you decide not to make repairs. Any equipment left more than 30 days will be charged a storage fee of $.50 per day. Any equipment left more than 60 days will be considered abandoned and disposed of without additional notice

With clicking “Submit” you agree to the above terms.

Repair Request Form
Warranty Information (please check one box)
How will the item be delivered to us

When shipping in an electronic item for warranty repair, please include the following:

  • Remote
  • Copy of sales receipt
  • Original box, if possible
  • Power cord or a/c adapter
  • This form (after submitting the form you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with all the data you submitted. Please print the email out and include it to the shipment)

We recommend using UPS. If possible use the original box or put the the item in a box with 3 to 4 inches of packing around all surfaces of the item.